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Frontistiria Thessaloniki 

Frontistiria Thessaloniki 

More than the final sixteen a long time in secondary training schools elix put together our pupils for national tests responsibly and consistently. Frontistiria evosmos In the main of our philosophy may be the idea that learners seek out:
one the introduction for their selection school
two the ability to make good scientific studies
3 specialist way and development

All of this requires knowledge, abilities and capabilities cultivated early. Line as a result with the needs and calls for of present activities, the schools strand designed an progressive instructional action technique strengthens and prepares each and every student for ideal performance on national examinations and thereafter, the scholar and specialist occupation. Frontistiria evosmos In secondary education and learning Faculties Elix, combining confirmed instruction approaches with modern ways of studying, our eyesight is usually to advertise instructional innovation, enriching the educational experience and also the improvement of integrated personalities capable of meeting the at any time escalating calls for of recent culture.

Post by mesis22ekpaideusis (2017-03-20 13:33)

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